The day begins around 7 am…

You sit down at your desk, coffee in hand, and one of the first things you see is a new task request from one of your clients on Trello. As you begin to respond to her, a team member from another assignment sends you an email and asks you a question. You quickly finish both messages and start in on your own daily workload.

After about 30 minutes, you stop to switch gears. It’s time to hop on a Zoom meeting with a vendor to negotiate a service agreement. After that call, you work for another hour and a half as incoming messages keep popping up on Slack about another project.  As the morning continues you have received several notifications from Calendly that clients have scheduled appointments. This is all before lunchtime!

A good project manager will handle all this! A great one will flourish and say “Bring it on! Is that all you got?”

What does it take to be a great project manager?

Here are the 5 traits to look for when your business needs a right hand.

  • A great project manager is graceful under stress! She can keep a level head while there is a ton going on.
  • A great project manager can see the whole playing field! She can manage a variety of tasks simultaneously.
  • A great project manager is highly organized and is proactive about reaching goals! She will break down the project into actionable steps.
  • A great project manager is disciplined with time! She is excellent at prioritizing.
  • A great project manager is quick on her feet with solutions! She is not afraid to delegate and make quick decisions.

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